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In May this year, Nordiko Quarantine Systems won the prestigious US EPA Climate and Stratospheric Ozone Award for 2008. This Award was established by the US EPA in 1990 to acknowledge “exceptional leadership, personal dedication, and technical achievements in protecting the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer”.

Nordiko has been recognised for its efforts in reducing the release of ozone-depleting gases, using its range of Australian-developed fumigation and recapture systems, which trap harmful gases that can otherwise erode the ozone layer. Nordiko is the major supplier of this type of equipment to Belgium—the first country in the world to mandate its use. The Port of Nelson in New Zealand has also made this move.

In addition to its environmental benefits, Nordiko equipment has very significant occupational health and safety advantages.

By preventing the release of environmentally dangerous and highly toxic gases to areas where shipping containers are handled, this technology allows a much higher level of workplace safety, compared to existing practices.

The Award was presented to Nordiko in Washington DC on the 19th of May 2008, by Drusilla Hufford (Director, USEPA, Stratospheric Protection Division) and was accepted by Nordiko’s Technical Director, Ken Brash.

Photo: Ken Brash accepts the US EPA Award in Washington DC


The Port of Hamburg has made the decision to make promptly recapture of methyl bromide and other fumigant gases (from quarantine fumigations) mandatory. In September 2008, operators have to apply for new permission. The application must include a recapture unit. This follows the recent (July 2007) decision by the Belgium Government to make recapture mandatory. Nordiko attended the Port on June 3rd 2008 to demonstrate its systems to an audience comprising the fumigation companies, environment, port, health and related industries.

As well as providing for safe recapture of gas, the same systems can also be used for fast and efficient removal of residual gases from inside imported shipping containers. The growing trend to regulate the recapture of methyl bromide and other toxic gases injurious to worker health and the

environment is gaining momentum in many parts of the world.

Photo: Nordiko recapture system in use in Hamburg—one of the top 10 container ports in the world.


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