2012 – Issue 1

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2012 ISSUE 1 New Benchmark Set in Newcastle Newcastle is a major port city on the east coast of Australia, which exports grains and other commodities. Like many cities, urban encroachment and revitalisation of the city centre and nearby suburbs, has put residential and commercial zones in close proximity to port terminals and facilities. Important …[Read more…]

New Zealand’s CentrePort has introduced mandatory technology to use for recapture of methyl bromide gas. Download Full Newsletter: Click here

NZ tackles methyl bromide head on with radical new technology by ANASTASSIA PERETS — last modified Feb 26, 2014 10:54 AM New Zealand’s CentrePort in Wellington has introduced mandatory technology to use for recapture of gas methyl bromide, reports ANASTASSIA PERETS METHYL bromide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless poison that is potentially deadly to …[Read more…]

Work Inside Ocean Freight Containers – Personal Exposure to Off-Gassing Chemicals : More than 500 million ocean freight container units are shipped annually between countries and continents. Residual levels of fumigants, as well as naturally occurring off-gassing chemicals emanating from the goods, constitute safety risks, which may affect uniformed workers upon entering the container. Download …[Read more…]

 Article on OzoNews: New Zealand Port Company Adopts Recapture Technology for Methyl Bromide Download full Article here: Recapture Technology for Methyl Bromide Find Full Detail at OzoNews

“Thailand’s Largest Port Introduces Methyl bromide Recapture”  2013  Laem Chabang is one of the Top 20 largest container ports in the world, and has made Methyl Bromide fumigant recapture a requirement for fumigation at the port. CEA is coordinating the logistics for important components for the Gorgon project, coming from Thailand.  Nordiko is proud to …[Read more…]

POINT OF VIEW Invisible Threat to Sea Container Inspection Staff By Wil Grullemans – GM Nordiko Quarantine Systems The news from an increasing number of international studies and incidents, shows that sea containers often contain highly toxic gases. They are invisible to the eye, and often have no noticeable smell. These gases pose a serious …[Read more…]

LOCAL: NZ’s CentrePort requires poison-recapture from boxes by Anastassia Perets — last modified Feb 10, 2014 03:36 PM Contributors: Additional reporting – Jim Wilson New Zealand port company, CentrePort, now requires fumigation contractors to recapture methyl bromide – a broad-spectrum poison used as a fumigant – from containers. Centreport has mandated the use of Nordiko …[Read more…]