Nordiko products offer a number of key benefits such as:

  • A more effective fumigation of goods in terms of coverage by the fumigant, using gas tight equipment to retain the fumigant within the area being fumigated.
  • A safer working environment for the fumigator, other people in the workplace, and the community at large by not having gas released to atmosphere – reducing gas pollution.
  • A more efficient fumigation through use of mixing fans and controlling the fumigation at optimum temperatures.
  • A method of fumigation that dramatically reduces the ozone depleting effects of Methyl Bromide to our atmosphere through recapture and degradation of fumigant gas.
  • A quick gas extraction process for containers fumigated prior to shipment that still contain higher than safe levels of fumigant.
  • The chance to remove the costs of additional fumigation of cargo with attendant deleterious effects on the cargo.
  • An opportunity to fumigate cargo in a better way.
  • The potential to use ozone depleting fumigants without causing damage to the ozone layer during the period of phase out or in the event of being unable to identify suitable alternatives.

The Montreal Protocol, which aims to reduce the effects of Methyl Bromide on the atmosphere, is just one reason for change. There are many more including:

  • Releasing toxic gases to air in or near working wharves, depots and work places.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the fumigant gas in fumigation.
  • Avoiding the risk of increasing insect tolerance to the fumigant being used (through poor fumigation).
  • Improper venting of containers after fumigation leaving pockets of toxic gas in the container for unsuspecting storemen to inhale during unloading of cargo.
  • Hazards to mariners as toxic gases leak out of containers or other cargo improperly fumigated.
  • Hazards to fumigators as they arrange for fumigant gases to be released to atmosphere.
  • Nordiko provides a safer, faster and more effective fumigation.

The need for change in old fumigation practices is evident. By using a Nordiko system, the following improvements will be readily visible:

  • Significant reduction in the release of toxic fumigant gases.
  • Streamline the fumigation process.
  • Eliminate the need to fumigate at both the load and discharge port.
  • Reduce fumigation time.
  • Address occupational health and safety (OH+S) issues and environmental issues.