Some of the Awards and Accolades presented to Nordiko in recent years.


2001 AQIS Quarantine Award

NORDIKO WINS 2001 AQIS QUARANTINE AWARD Nordiko Quarantine Systems Pty Ltd is a 2001 National Quarantine Awards winner. Nordiko won for the category: Contribution to the protection of the environment. The citation was awarded to Nordiko for its innovative methods for the safer use of the ...[Read more...]

2001 NIDP PCP Grant

NORDIKO RECEIVES NIDP PCP GRANT PROJECT SUMMARY: The applicant will use their NIDP PCP grant for the development and commercialisation of fumigation gas extraction, capture and destruction equipment. This development involves applying new technologies to quarantine applications for better OH ...[Read more...]

2007 Lloyd’s List DCN Award

NORDIKO WINS 12TH ANNUAL LLOYD'S LIST DCN "ACHIEVEMENT IN SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION" AWARD Nordiko is proud to announce that it has won the "Achievement in Safety and Environmental Protection Award" at the 12th Annual Lloyd's List DCN Australian Shipping & Transport Awards, held on ...[Read more...]

2008 Premier’s NSW Export Award

Nordiko received the 2008 Premier's NSW Export Award. ...[Read more...]

2008 US EPA Award

NORDIKO WINS PRESTIGIOUS US EPA AWARD - 20 MAY 2008 US GOVERNMENT RECOGNISES AUSTRALIAN ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP Go to EPA website Nordiko Quarantine Systems, an Australian company specialising in innovative environmental technology, has won the prestigious US EPA Climate and ...[Read more...]

2009 Premier’s NSW Export Award

Nordiko is proud to announce that it was one of the winners in the New South Wales Premier’s Export Award, for the category ‘New South Wales Innovation in Export Strategy.’ This award recognises Nordiko’s strong performance in the international market through well-organised marketing strategies ...[Read more...]