2006 September APVMA Conference

The APVMA (Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority) recently convened a conference to discuss the merits of making recapture of methyl bromide mandatory. The conference was attended by key industry players including industry representatives, CSIRO, AQIS and other government bodies. The APVMA is also currently considering changes to labelling for methyl bromide. Methyl Bromide is …[Read more…]

2007 March Adelaide APEC Showcase

MARCH 28-30TH APEC TRANSPORT INDUSTRY SHOWCASE Nordiko was one of 20 Australian organisations invited to exhibit in Adelaide, as part of the APEC Transport Ministers meeting. Ministers and delegates from 23 APEC economies attended, and visits to the Nordiko exhibit were made by Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico and Indonesia. The Deputy Prime Minister Mark …[Read more…]

2008 August Geelong

HAY AND FODDER CONFERENCE 2008 Nordiko was invited to attend the technical workshop of the Australian Hay and Fodder Industry Association in Geelong, Victoria on Aug 5th 2008. Speakers discussed many aspects of methyl bromide and alternative treatments, with methyl bromide recapture systems rating above other options such as phosphine, heat treatment, CO2, irradiation, sulfuryl …[Read more…]

2008 August New Zealand (Nelson)

GENERA FUMIGATION NZ ADOPTS NORDIKO TECHNOLOGY A significant development in quarantine fumigation practice took place in Nelson on August 12th, 2008. Nordiko supplied equipment to Genera – the largest fumigation firm in NZ – to recapture methyl bromide fumigant used to dis-infest shipping containers. This was the first use of this technology in NZ and …[Read more…]

2008 June Hamburg

HAMBURG PORT: DEMONSTRATION OF FUMIGATION/RECAPTURE TECHNOLOGY The Port of Hamburg has decided to implement mandatory recapture of methyl bromide gas from quarantine fumigations with application from September 1, 2008. Nordiko attended at the port on June 3rd to demonstrate its systems in operation to an audience made up of the main fumigation companies, environment, port, …[Read more…]

2008 May Malaysian Launch

MAY 26TH 2008 – MALAYSIAN LAUNCH OF RECAPTURE AND VENTILATION TECHNOLOGY On Monday May 26th 2008 Nordiko signed an agency agreement with Life Sciences at a public launching ceremony, combined with practical demonstrations in Putrijaya (near Kula Lumpur) in Malaysia. Attendees included representatives from the Departments of Environment, Agriculture and Health as well as a …[Read more…]

2008 September China (Chengdu)

CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE AND FUMIGATION CONFERENCE Nordiko was invited to attend this international conference, which occurs every four years. A presentation was made on Methyl Bromide Recovery, which prompted considerable debate on recapture as an interim measure, until an effective replacement for MB in many applications can be determined. Eminent scientists, quarantine specialists and industry professionals …[Read more…]