Nordiko Fumigant Capture & Ventilation Systems:

Monitoring and Control Panel

Monitoring and Control Panel

As an established business with expertise in the improvement of air quality to meet environmental and occupational health and safety standards. Residual gas extraction is a core element of Nordiko’s business.

Toxic fumigants and other gases are a potent hazard present in shipping containers and much larger enclosures such as coolrooms all around the world.

Methyl Bromide is a particularly hazardous gas used for quarantine fumigations. A great challenge exists for operators right through the supply chain to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, it is common practice for many businesses to simply open the doors of freight containers or storage facilities with the hope that all residual gas will be removed.

Residual Gas Extraction and Capture System

Residual Gas Extraction and Capture System

This technique is costly and inefficient, prolongs the transit time of products, and fails to address the issue of further off gassing or desorption from commodities. It also releases toxic gasses into the surrounding work environment.

Nordiko’s tested and proven systems address this issue by using powerful fan forced ventilation to achieve high residual gas extraction efficiency. Nordiko also provides carbon filtration systems to capture ozone depleting methyl bromide and other gasses rather than venting them into the atmosphere.

Nordiko’s systems are in use in more than 20 countries around the world, in a wide range of quarantine and pre and post shipment applications including: timber products, general commodities and fresh produce.

Government agencies such as Customs authorities, and multinational corporations are amoungst our largest customers. Nordiko’s business is expanding as we continue to find new ways of implementing innovative and versatile ventilation and capture systems.

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View our Ventilation System Demonstration video to see how our products can benefit your business. You may need to update your Flash Player to view video correctly. Should you have difficulty playing the video we would be more than happy to send you a CD, please contact us to arrange this.


Nordiko Quarantine Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has developed and patented unique and innovative products to achieve better environmental and safety outcomes related to the fumigation and quarantine industries internationally.

Our newest product, the Maxi-Flow Ventilation System, has been designed to safely address the problems created by residual gases inside shipping containers:


Nordiko products all use the unique fumigation system which allows methyl bromide to be used in a way which is environmentally friendly and safe to operate. Nordiko products offer a much more effective fumigation of goods than traditional methods and, uniquely, degrade the deadly methyl bromide gas, producing two harmless salts. The traditional method of methyl bromide fumigation releases the methyl bromide gas into the atmosphere, which depletes the ozone layer.

Export and import fumigation requirements can be more efficiently met, using Nordiko’s products. Even LCL fumigations can be managed using Nordiko’s systems

The pedestal Clip-on unit, and mobile clip-on model all utilize the unique Nordiko fumigation system. In addition to these models Nordiko can also supply customized solutions to suit a wide range of fumigation needs.


Ultra Light ConsoleThe newest product in the Nordiko range, the Ultra Light Console (ULC) provides efficient ventilation and extraction with more convenience and at a reduced cost.
Ventilation System DemonstrationView our Ventilation System Demonstration video to see how our products can benefit your business. You may need to update your Flash Player to view video correctly. Should you have difficulty playing the video we would be more than happy to send you a CD, please contact us to arrange this.
Large Scale Mobile Log Stack Fumigant Recapture System Large scale system mounted onto a trailer, capable of recapturing fumigant from enclosures of 1,000 m3 or more. Filters are interchangeable for replenishment. Primary/secondary filter arrangement means optimal use of filtration media.
Filter Model Ventilation Console Ventilation system for shipping containers which recaptures residual gases. This renders them safe for unpacking, provides improved occupational health and safety, whilst helping the environment at the same time.
Wheeled Clip-On ConsoleThe Nordiko Wheeled Clip-On Console is moveable by forklift or on wheels when on a flat surface. It is available as a fumigation and recapture console or as a ventilation console.
Maxi-Flow Ventilation Console Light weight degassing system.
Pedestal Clip-on Fumigation ConsoleThe Pedestal Clip-on Fumigation Unit is is designed to fumigate cargo loaded in a shipping container. The unit can be fitted to the front of a standard 20 or 40ft shipping container. This allows cargo to be fumigated without the need for it to be unloaded.
Fumigation/Recapture Chamber Chamber Unit for fumigation / recapture of 20 and 40 foot container cargoes.
Under-Tarp ScrubberTarpaulin fumigations are probably one of the most widely used methods for both LCL and FCL fumigations. Nordiko has developed a patented system that can improve gas circulation, provide a heating option and capture fumigant at the end of the fumigation period.
Lightweight Fumigation Console Nordiko’s newest product is a lightweight (30kg approx) clip-on door system for maximum flexibility and minimum cost when fumigating.
Phosphine Scrubbing Systems Nordiko design and manufacture Phosphine Scrubbing Systems for use in the fumigation industry, reducing the risk of toxic gas emissions. These systems are designed to comply with international standards, ensuring best practise in occupational health and safety and the environment.