Methyl Bromide Recapture


United Nations Environment Programme

Open-Ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer 25th Meeting Montreal 27-30 June 2005 Agenda Item 3 (f) Any Other Issues arising Out of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel Reports

Draft Decision Submitted by New Zealand

Decision XVII/_: Recapturing/Recycling/Destruction of Methyl Bromide from Space Fumigation

Welcoming the 2005 progress report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel,

Noting in particular that the report was inconclusive on recommendations on recapturing/recycling and destruction (Section 7.6 pg 147 of the 2005 progress report) but highlighted the incentives by local environmental and occupational health and safety concerns,

Recalling decision XI/13 paragraph 7, urging the parties to adopt methyl bromide recapturing technology where such technology is technically and economically feasible,

Noting that recapture of methyl bromide from small-scale fumigations in containers is already carried out in several countries,

Recognizing the need to further reduce methyl bromide emissions in an effort to protect the ozone layer,

The Meeting of the Parties decides:

1. To encourage parties who currently deploy or plan to deploy technologies to recapture/recycle/destroy or reduce methyl bromide emissions from space fumigation applications to submit to the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel details of efficacy including Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) and economic feasibility in space fumigation application by (1 January 2006), in the form posted on the website of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel;
2. To request the Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee to prepare a form for the purposes of paragraph 1;
3. To include the findings of data submitted in the (2006) progress report of the Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee.

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