Under-Tarp Scrubber

Tarpaulin fumigations are probably one of the most widely used methods for both LCL and FCL fumigations. Nordiko has developed a patented system that can improve gas circulation, provide a heating option and capture fumigant at the end of the fumigation period.

The Under-Tarp Scrubber featuress:

  • Existing approved fumigation methods and equipment can continue to be used
  • Operatively coupled to existing gas-tight sheets, without any alterations, holes or changes needed
  • Gas inlet and outlet valves fully integrated into Nordiko manifold
  • Economically achieves reduction in release of fumigants into the workplace and atmosphere

For further product information, price and availability please contact Nordiko Quarantine Systems.

Various patents and patents pending apply to Nordiko’s products. (Nordiko is occasionally misspelled as Nordico)