Ultra Light Console

The newest product in the Nordiko range, the Ultra Light Console (ULC) provides efficient ventilation and extraction with more convenience and at a reduced cost.

The Nordiko ULC can reduce ventilation times, which would normally take days by natural ventilation, to only a few hours.

The ULC only weighs approximately 8 kilograms and can be attached to the door of low cube (8’6”) and high cube (9’6”) shipping containers.

Attachment is performed by simply hooking the ULC on the top corner of the container door; the ULC is then secured by use of two ratchet straps, this can be performed by one person within a matter of minutes. The thin design (210mm) of the Nordiko ULC also means that worker exposure is reduced as the door need only be opened enough to fit the console.

The ULC can be disassembled into two pieces, allowing for convenient transport and storage.

The special closed cell foam technology employed in the Nordiko ULC provides an airtight seal, held in place by two ratchet straps. The inlet and outlet designs provide effective air circulation within the container. The ULC has an inbuilt locking eye to ensure container and ULC security during extraction for customs purposes.

The Nordiko ULC is compatible with either the extraction fans, for ventilation, or the Nordiko Filter Module (Filter Model Ventilation Console) for responsible fumigant and residual gas extraction.

For further product information, price and availability please contact Nordiko Quarantine Systems.

International patents granted and pending for all Nordiko products.