2008 August New Zealand (Nelson)


A significant development in quarantine fumigation practice took place in Nelson on August 12th, 2008. Nordiko supplied equipment to Genera – the largest fumigation firm in NZ – to recapture methyl bromide fumigant used to dis-infest shipping containers.

This was the first use of this technology in NZ and occurred in advance of the regulatory requirement established by the Environment Court to be implemented at the end of 2008.

Public concerns over the unfettered use of methyl bromide had earlier prompted a petition to parliament on this issue. The position established by the court decision balances the need for an effective biosecurity agent to facilitate international trade, whilst addressing environmental and safety issues through the use of recapture technology, until an effective replacement for methyl bromide can be found.

The commissioning was attended by representatives from the Port of Nelson, Nelson Council, and the media. Stevedores and representatives from Genera and Nordiko were also in attendance.

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