Gas Extraction

Gas extraction from quarantine and other fumigation treatments is important to be performed in a safe and environmentally supportive manner. Nordiko is an Australian company that has patented world-leading technology in fumigation gas extraction and recapture systems.

Nordiko has been providing gas extraction and fumigant recapture equipment and container gas extraction equipment since 2000, and Nordiko now has provided these to organisations in more than 30 countries around the world. Gas extraction requirements after fumigation with methyl bromide can be met whilst meeting stringent environmental controls from regulators such as the EPA and local council, and community governments.
Health and safety requirements in gas extraction are met by using equipment from Nordiko for a range of applications. Nordiko has an extensive product range suitable for gas extraction including gas capture and scrubbing solutions for fumigants such as Methyl Bromide, Phosphine, Ethane Di Nitrile and other fumigants. Nordiko supplies gas extraction equipment to quarantine authorities and fumigation service providers with solutions to make sure that container inspection and unloading staff are not exposed to unsafe levels of toxic gases often found inside shipping containers.
The range of industries requiring gas extraction equipment, serviced by Nordiko includes: fresh produce, stored grains, log exporters and importers, furniture and homewares retailers, ISPM 15 treatment providers and many more.
Nordiko Quarantine Systems is a subsidiary of another wholly Australian owned business – Asiaworld Shipping

Nordiko can tailor a solution for almost every customer requirement so that fumigants and toxic gases in shipping containers can be safely managed by gas extraction. Nordiko would be pleased to discuss your requirements and Nordiko can then provide a quotation to you